Apartments in Hennur Road

Hennur Road – the best known locality in North Bangalore

Hennur Road is a major road located in the northern part of Bangalore, Karnataka. Hennur Road runs past a couple of neighborhoods on its way before it connects to the new International Airport in Devanahalli. The apartments for sale in Hennur Road have now become the most sought after property ever since the coming up of the Kempegowda International Airport. Many real estate builders are now showing a keen interest in developing the area.

Invest in apartments in Hennur Road

Hennur Road is an integral part of North Bengaluru. Ever since the airport was constructed in 2005, Hennur has been enjoying a fair amount of attention from home seekers and builders alike. Apartments in Hennur Road is the most sought after by those who work in the proximity. Manyata Tech Park is located there, and so there are many takers for residential apartments in Hennur Road. The residents of these apartments enjoy many amenities like free parking, modern effective security, a quaint courtyard, a fitness center. For those looking for budget housing options, the flats in Hennur Road are an excellent option. The apartments also fetch a high ROI in terms of resale as well as they are a good renting option.

Why choose Hennur Road for investment in housing units?

Major forms of development are unfolding at the Hennur Road. As a result, investments in apartments, land or sites in Hennur Road promises a high return on investments. Meanwhile holding onto the apartment bought in anticipation of high profits, the apartments can be given out on rent too since there are many commercial premises in the vicinity.

Many are trying to get their hands on the residential property here.  Real estate has set its pace in Hennur Road. Hence, investment in villas for sale in Hennur Road would promise a full yield on investment. The factors like proximity to the airport and good connectivity to the well-known neighborhood of Bangalore make for a lucrative reason to purchase residential property in Hennur Road. The property is also being eyed upon by investors who want to multiply their income at an unforeseen pace. Acquisition of land and construction of major projects have already started promising lucrative returns.

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